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    Frequently asked questions

    The lease/loan payments are made by the Borrower to a neutral third party payment agent jointly appointed by the Borrower and the Funder(s) to provide security and comfort to all contracting parties in the transaction, mitigating risks against the non-performance of fund flow obligations. The payment agent’s role and scope of responsibilities are set out in the lease/loan agreement. 

    Funders can subscribe for a majority (66 ⅔%) stake or the entire subscription in a transaction, giving them control over what the course of action to take in the event approval from the Funders is required to be sought. Compared with investing the same amount in a listed company’s stock or bonds, the same quantum of investment is highly unlikely to give a Funder any control over the stock or bonds which means that any decided course of action will require majority votes of all the stockholders or bondholders. 

    Funders do not need to make large investments to set up an office and hire a dedicated team for these specialized asset financing transactions. Lendicate will structure the transactions, conduct KYC, due diligence and credit analysis on the Borrower and obligor parties. The information package will then be presented to the Funders (though Funders are also required to conduct their own independent due diligence). This allows Funders to focus solely on screening the risks and rewards of the transaction and the Borrower and obligor credit profiles without dealing with administrative matters and expenses of a dedicated local office and business jet team. In addition, Lendicate is managing the transaction through to maturity or termination, hence we will conduct annual reviews, inspections, valuations, borrowers’ requests, manage non compliance issues including enforcements and foreclosures. 

    Our fees as the Facility Agent in a financing transaction is payable from the interest portion of the loan/lease repayments from the Borrower to the Funders. If the Borrower is not performing, Lendicate does not get paid but as we are the Facility Agent, we are required to manage the transaction until its maturity or termination. 

    Timing for the approval process should be similar with traditional financiers as Lendicate will collate information from the Borrower, conduct KYC, due diligence and other analysis to prepare the information package (credit application) submitted to the Funder(s) for their approval. This process is no different from a traditional financier’s process of obtaining approval from their credit/investment committee. 

    Registered Borrower and Funder users can access their transaction information anytime via the link sent or through the Lendicate website to access all the transaction information (historical and updated) comprising transaction documents, invoices, bank or securities statements, Borrower annual reviews (for Funders), inspection reports etc. Registered users will be automatically sent notifications via email for any new information uploaded into the portal. To ensure confidentiality, there is a user email address and date watermark on documents printed or downloaded by the user. 

    The term sheets are lengthy, which may seem daunting, as salient clauses including the full security package, covenants and undertakings, termination/default events, mandatory repurchase/repayments, representations and warranties, conditions precedent and subsequent are covered in the term sheet. We believe that since these clauses are in the transaction documentation, it is better to set these clauses out sooner rather than later to minimize any misunderstanding and lengthy negotiations. 


    Offers Funders real asset private credit alternative to increase risk-adjusted returns while generating a stable long-term income stream



    Offers Borrowers alternative business jet financing sources from the traditional sources available in the market